Parish Mission 2019:
“I Will Pour Out My Spirit”

Fr. Mark Rutherford spoke about what the Holy Spirit is doing in our parish, and how we can move forward together with the Holy Spirit.

Part 1, May 6: What does the Holy Spirit have for us?
Part 2, May 7: Addressing common questions
Part 3, May 8: Where do we go from here as a parish?

If you missed any of the talks, click here to watch them. Note: There was an echo on some of them. We will process them and try to re-post them soon without it.

Click here to download the notes from each session:

Why Worship? This Parish Mission was followed-up on Friday, May 10 from with “Why Worship?” – an evening all about worship: what the big deal about it is, the nature of worship, our call to worship, and different ways to worship. Led by worship leader Dan Dirkes of 2Tim4 Ministries, it included an extended time of powerful worship music. Click here for a link to the video.