In this time of many challenges in the Church and in our daily lives, we need the Holy Spirit’s presence, power, and love. Mary, Jesus’ mother and our mother, is also the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. She intercedes for us and models how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit first came over Mary, Jesus was born. When the Holy Spirit came over her at Pentecost, Pope St. John Paul II taught, she became the mother of the Body of Christ – the Church – that was born that day.

Let’s ask Mary to help us to respond to the Holy Spirit in our lives, so that we, too, will bring Jesus’ love to those around us!

Read Fr. Mark’s inaugural article for this Year here:

Our first event with this theme will be Hearts on Fire on Saturday, July 6, at 6:30-8:00pm. Keri Tarrant, of St. Gabriel’s Message, will speak on the Holy Spirit and Mary. Click here for details.

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At the present time, so critical for the Church and the destiny of mankind, when the interior renewal of Christians and their reconciliation with God and each other are an absolute necessity if the Church is to “exist in Christ as a sacrament or sign and an instrument of intimate union with God and of the unity of the whole human race”(Lumen Gentium, no. 1), the faithful must cultivate an outstanding devotion to the Spirit as the supreme source of love, unity, and peace. At the same time, however, and in harmony with this first devotion which draws ever new strength from the fire of the Divine Love, the faithful should also be deeply devoted to the great Mother of God who is Mother of the Church and incomparable model of love for God and our brothers. (Pope Paul VI, letter to H.E. Cardinal Suenens, May 13, 1975)

We will be posting more inspirations, prayers, and other resources on this page over the course of this Year to help you grow closer to the Holy Spirit and Mary. Keep coming back for more!