This special event is part of our parish’s Year of the Holy Spirit and Mary!

Experience new joy and freedom as you learn more about the Holy Spirit, how He works in our lives, and how He empowers us to live out our faith!

This seven-week course has been transforming lives around the world for over 40 years. God is infinite, so He always has more for each one of us. Come learn about the “more” He has for you!

**Registration is now closed.**

What participants in the Fall 2019 LSS are saying:

“Wonderful. Powerful. Thought-provoking. Moving forward towards Christ. Reassured of the Holy Spirit’s presence.”

“I learned so much from [my small group leader], how to pray, let in the Holy Spirit; I really want to continue to grow in my faith.”

“I’m much more peaceful and try not to get as upset over things I have no control over.”

“Deepened my faith and helped me recognize the Holy Spirit’s prompting.”

“Connection to more people desiring to live a life in the Spirit.”

“I felt renewed hope, renewed joy. I also was struggling with feeling less than others. When my group prayed over me those feelings were completely gone.”

“Encouraged that the Holy Spirit can give you the confidence to be open to the gifts of the Spirit to work in my life.”

“Helps me stay connected to deepening my faith. It’s easy to stray away and yet I want more. This helps to build community to keep me moving forward with Christ.”

“The Holy Spirit continues to open my heart to so many new feelings in my family/friends/co-workers.”

“I think more people should enjoy Life in the Spirit…just a wonderful time with our table/friends.”

“I have had experiences with the Holy Spirit before. I feel like this course is a confirmation on my journey. I’m grateful for it.”

“It has helped me recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in my life in past years. I did not have a Big Bang moment but I do feel closer to the Holy Spirit and I am excited for what the Holy Spirit will do in my life from now on going forward.”

“I received the gift of the awakening of the Holy Spirit. I have been praising the Holy Spirit constantly.”

Questions: Email or contact Christy Whiting at 517-655-2520.

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