Sundays: 6pm – 9pm
Mondays: 6pm – 9pm
Tuesdays: 11am – 1pm, 8pm – 11pm
Wednesdays: 9am – 12noon, 6pm – 9pm
Thursdays: 6pm – 9pm
Fridays: 8:30am – 9pm

Eucharistic Adoration is held in the church sanctuary (instead of the small chapel). On Mondays – Fridays from 9am – 3pm, please enter through the main church doors. After 3pm and on weekends, enter through the chapel door; instructions are on the door. 

-Please wear a mask.
Please spread out to maintain social distance of at least 6 feet.

Past Events:

Adoration with praise & worship led by Emily Flint – April 14, 2020
Click here for lyrics to the songs.

Adoration with Praise & Worship – Tuesday, April 7, 2020