Below you will see the measures for attending Mass. Mass will not feel the same, but for good reason. We thank you ahead of time for adapting to these measures, which are temporary of course, so long as they are needed for health and safety. Please note, until the end of June, the weekday and some weekend Mass attendance will also have Confirmations and First Communions.

We ask for your patience, as none of us has experienced anything like this before, and none have had to implement procedures quite like this for Mass. For this reason, things are always subject to change or alteration as we move forward.

Procedures for Participating at Mass

To keep us on task and at the proper capacity, we ask that you sign up online (see below). You will see a link that will take you to the sign-up page. Please note: you will see the date, the time, and available slots or spots. Find a date and time, and then simply click on “sign up” to reserve your spot(s), and then click “Submit and Sign Up” to finalize all your spots. You will be taken to a page where you can review your reservations, and the fill out the necessary information like name and email and then click “Sign Up Now.” Check your email for a confirmation. You can always return to the page and edit your reservations or cancel one or more.

Before You Come To Mass

  • Check your health. If you are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days, or if you have a fever above 100.0, do not come to Mass.
  • A person 60 years old or older, or who has underlining health issues, or a compromised immune system, is encouraged not to attend Mass. Such persons are encouraged to watch the live stream.
  • All persons must wear a mask while at Mass. We have masks at the church, pre-packaged and sealed. Bring your own hand sanitizer, but we will also have sanitizer and wipes at the church as well.
  • All hymnals and missalettes are removed. You may wish to bring your own Magnificat or your own Missal. You may wish to use your phone to follow the readings as well on the USCCB website:
  • Bring your children. However, if you have a child that escapes and runs away from mommy and daddy, this may compromise “social distancing” and therefore you may wish to not bring such a child. 🙂

While At Mass

  • Always wear your mask at all times in the church. You may move it as you receive Holy Communion, of course.
  • Always remain 6 ft away from others persons in the church, but this does not need to be observed with regard to persons residing in the same household.
  • Note, if you come to Mass without using the online sign-up form or calling the office and the Mass is at capacity you may not be guaranteed a spot. If you show up without signing up, and the priest or usher informs you all the spots are taken, please keep in mind there will be other opportunities to go to Mass. If you sign up for a spot, and you are not at Mass on time, and another shows up who has not signed up, they may be given your spot. So, be at Mass on time. 🙂

The Church Space

  • Church capacity is at 5% until it shifts to 25% at the 9:00am Saturday, May 30 Mass.
  • Pews will be marked as “open” or “closed.” Those living in the same household may sit together, but all others are to remain at least 6 ft from each other.
  • Holy Water will not be filled during this time. You may bring a container to fill from the Holy Water dispenser.
  • No other social gatherings will take place in the church or in any other room at this time.
  • The church and door handles are/will be sanitized daily.

Before Mass

  • Please accept direction from the priest, sacristans, or others overseeing the logistics of the Mass.
  • When you enter the church, please go to your seat immediately. DO NOT create social encounters or gatherings in the halls or gathering space.
  • Baskets will not be passed for the collection. You are encouraged to sign up for online giving or use the designated drop box to drop your contribution.

During Mass

  • There will be no singing by the congregation during Mass. Singing increases the chances of water droplets from the mouth going airborne by 8-10X.  Music will be played at weekend Masses, and the cantor will be the only one singing.
  • Servers will be limited to seminarians or other specifically chosen serves. No children will serve until further notice.
  • The priest will not wear a mask, except perhaps during the distribution of Communion.
  • The gifts will not be brought up at the Offertory.
  • The “Kiss of Peace” is omitted.
  • There will be no holding hands during the Our Father.
  • The Precious Blood will not be distributed.
  • You are encouraged to receive Holy Communion in the hand instead of on the tongue.
  • The priest alone will distribute Holy Communion until further notice. The priest will come to you to distribute Communion. This will take a little extra time, but not much more, and so thank you for your patience.

After Mass

  • If you have sanitizing wipes, please take a moment before you leave to wipe off the pew surfaces you have touched. Please dispose of your used wipes in the garbage receptacles.
  • To facilitate safe departure, you will depart while remaining at least 6 ft from others.
  • You must wear your mask until you leave the church building.
  • There are no bulletins and no material should be placed in or removed from the church.
  • DO NOT hang around and socialize after Mass. Please exist the church building immediately.

Between Masses

  • We will sanitize the church space between each Mass.

Lastly, be assured we and the diocese are doing the best we can to ensure as many people as possible can attend Mass, and so thank you ahead of time for your patience and flexibility. We look forward to seeing you!