Saint Mary Catholic Church

Williamston, MI

“We Welcome Everyone Into A Personal Encounter With Jesus Christ”

Year of the Holy Spirit and Mary

Pentecost 2019 – Pentecost 2020

St. Mary Catholic Church

157 High Street
Williamston, MI 48895

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Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 3:00PM

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Saturday: 9:30AM - Until Finished
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Sunday: 8:30AM - 8:55AM, 10:30AM - 10:55AM


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Live Free! Unbound

Click here to register At the Live Free! conference, you will receive teaching on each of the "five keys to freedom" developed by Neal Lozano from Heart of the Father Ministries. But this conference is so much more than educational! You will have the chance...

Alive – Oct. 19, 2019

Alive is back! Join us on Saturday, Oct. 19 for another beautiful evening of Eucharist Adoration, a spiritual reflection given by Fr. Mark Rutherford, prayer ministry, and worship led by the gifted Melanie Rea and her band. Newcomers are welcome! Bring your family...

Life in the Spirit Seminar

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT SEMINAR Experience new joy and freedom as you learn more about the Holy Spirit, how He works in our lives, and how He empowers us to live out our faith! This seven-week course has been transforming lives around the world for over 40 years. God is...
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I am writing this to you due to the recent removal of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick from ministry and the release of the grand jury report on clergy abuse in Pennsylvania. Once again, the sins of clergy have hurt victims, scandalized the faithful, raised anger in many hearts, and brought ill-repute upon the Catholic Church. Archbishop McCarrick’s abuse of minors, his homosexual activity and his abuse of seminarians and young priests are beyond the pale. The sins of anyone who sexually abuses children is abhorrent, most especially clergy. In addition, some knew about these crimes and did nothing to address this behavior. I am as shocked as you. So, first of all, I apologize for their behavior and the behavior of those who did nothing to stop it. It is incredibly wearying and demoralizing to hear yet again about these sexual sins and crimes. Let us hold each other in prayer.

As you may know, each bishop is ultimately responsible to the Holy Father, who is the only one who can remove a bishop. Still, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will be discussing how we bishops might attempt to hold one another accountable, given this limitation. I can never give a guarantee that there will not be other clerics who violate their promise of celibacy and abuse their positions. We are all sinners. The Lord Jesus knew what these sinful clergy did just as he knows our sinful selves as well. Beyond what we can do as human beings to address the behavior of one another, we also commend ourselves and each other to the charity and justice of our God. We offer our prayers for the healing of victims of abuse but the time has come for us bishops to do more to hold one another accountable.

Christ is our hope in all things. May God have mercy on us all.

Bishop Earl Boyea, Diocese of Lansing

Saint Mary Catholic Church of Williamston, Michigan

We are a passionately Catholic, Spirit-filled, loving family whose members are sacramental, evangelical, prayerful, and merciful disciples looking to invite everyone into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

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