Join us for VBS July 10-13 as we journey to PERU! 

Kids will hike cloud-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu. Savor exotic flavors of the Amazon. Hear what daily life is like for kids in Peru. Immerse kids in this vibrant culture where they discover God’s good gifts for us all. This 4 day VBS teaches kids that God gives us comfort, patience, peace, love and joy. They will open their hearts to know Jesus and his caring ways for all who are his children those here in Williamston and others who live a far different lifestyle that their own. We are all created in God’s image a likeness and we are all his loving children. it is a fun week for all who attend. Registration is open. Volunteers needed please contact Nancy below to volunteer. 

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Saint Mary Catholic Church of Williamston, Michigan

We are a passionately Catholic, Spirit-filled, loving family whose members are sacramental, evangelical, prayerful, and merciful disciples looking to invite everyone into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

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