Lectio Divina: Hearing God Through Scripture

by Fr. Mark Rutherford | Fr. Mark explains what Lectio Divina is and why the Church encourages all Catholics to pray with Scripture using this simple method each day. He began by alluding to the list of Lent activities and resources found online here:


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Talk 1: God's Love

by Fr. Mark Rutherford | Fr. Mark spoke about the depth and the reality of God's love for us. The evening was emcee’d by Christy Whiting, who gave an introduction to the Life in the Spirit Seminar and what to expect over the next seven weeks. September 11, 2019

Talk 2: Salvation

by Christy Whiting | This talk explores the reality of what is the greatest event to ever happen, how we are affected, and the necessity of our response. Sept. 18, 2019

Talk 3: New Life

by Christy Whiting | This talk explores who the Holy Spirit is, the concept of baptism in the Holy Spirit, and some of the gifts that He gives us to bring others to Christ. Sept. 25, 2019

Talk 4: Receiving the Gift

by Dcn. Stephen Hilker | Dcn. Hilker explained more about the Holy Trinity, their offer to us of salvation, and the gift of the Holy Spirit to transform our lives. Reta Habba shared her testimony of being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Oct. 2, 2019

Talk 5: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

by Fr. Mark Rutherford | Fr. Mark explained more about what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then he led the participants in a beautiful time of prayer that included renewing their Baptismal promises, prayer to receive baptism in the Holy Spirit, prayer for the gift of tongues, and prayer to receive prophetic words. Oct. 9, 2019

Talk 6: Growth

by Nancy Hilker | Nancy discussed various ways to continue growing closer to the Holy Spirit and their significance in enabling us to live our faith in this challenging world. Bob Bear shared a testimony of seeing a miraculous healing - of his dog! Oct. 16, 2019

Talk 7: Transformation in Christ

by Fr. Mark Rutherford, with an intro from Christy Whiting | They discussed the nature of the spiritual life, which includes suffering, and how it is transformed when we live in the power of the Holy Spirit. Oct. 23, 2019

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