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We are a territorial parish and Pre-K—8th school of the Diocese of Lansing under Bishop Earl Boyea.  As a territorial parish, we have responsibility for proclaiming the Word of God to all souls within the territory.  St. Mary’s is part of a larger process; it is a concrete manifestation of the People of God born again of water and the Holy Spirit into the life of Jesus Christ.  Our parish is a cell of the Diocese of Lansing which is a cell of the Universal Church, the Catholic Church, which is spread throughout the entire world.  The Church is constituted by three essential elements: sacramental, hierarchical, and charismatic.  These are the three dimensions or constitutive elements of the Church’s structure.  Meaning, wherever the Church is localized (e.g., a parish), those three elements must be present, which means for us at St. Mary’s that we seek to understand and live theses three dimensions in everything we do.

St. Mary’s is a parish in the first place because Jesus is here, especially in His Eucharistic Presence.  His sacrifice on the cross must be our rhythm of life, since it is His sacrifice which creates a parish. His sacrifice on the cross in the Eucharist means He is with us.

The parish is the center of Christian life, it is the foundation and mirror which ought to be reflected in our daily lives.  In other words, everything we do here is meant to have the most influence on our life more than anything!  The parish is first of all a community of prayer, which is the soul of the parish. Prayer is the first apostolate, it must always be the first apostolate and the last.  St. Mary’s seeks to be a school of prayer, where all parishioners receive training in vocal, mental, and contemplative prayer, especially learning at the feet of the great spiritual masters of the past two-thousand years.  The practical implication, therefore, is that everything we do must be rooted in prayer, praise, and worship of the Triune God.  Being caught up in His divine presence must be the first and last desire of a disciple of Jesus Christ.  A disciple of Jesus is someone who has intentionally surrendered himself or herself to the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, obediently following Him with the guiding help of the Holy Spirit, fully sustained and nourished by frequent reception of the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation.

The life of every parish is built on the foundation of the Sacrament of Baptism.  Most of us were baptized as infants, but the Lord Jesus invites us to be in renewal, a renewal that is traditionally called “baptism in the Holy Spirit” which is the unleashing of the grace the Holy Spirit poured into us in our Baptism and Confirmation.  St. Mary’s seeks to constantly rediscover the beauty of being baptized in the Holy Spirt, and to generously receive the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit as He distributes them.  This is part of sharing in what the Popes have been calling “a new Pentecost.”  We generously welcome the renewing fountain of Pentecost in our lives.

St. Mary’s is a place of evangelization.  From the fountain of prayer comes the evangelization of the parish! Evangelization, which is the active seeking to propose and transmit Jesus Christ and His Church to those who do not yet know Him, must rightly be felt as the primary duty of every disciple of Christ at St. Mary’s. To proclaim the truth to all is an act of charity, since the truth scatters the darkness in our lives.

St. Mary’s is a place of great expectation and search in the apostolate.  Search for what?  The full revelation of Jesus Christ! We eagerly await His Second Coming, and in the meantime, we seek to contemplate His face in the sacramental dimension, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  St. Mary’s is and must be a place of revelation, that is, everyone ought to find here the answers to their questions of faith and find the divine light of the Lord Jesus shedding illumination on all their questions.  The apostolate is the active ministry, going out, of those who have become disciples of Jesus in order to create personal and social bonds with Christ and His Church for people who have not yet heard the Gospel, or, if they have heard it before, to come back to Christ and His Church.

St. Mary’s is the preeminent place for catechesis. Every disciple at St. Mary’s has the obligation of transmitting the Person of Jesus through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition according to their gifting and abilities.  The aim of our catechesis is to bring people closer to the Triune God by teaching on personal prayer, silent contemplation, participation in the Church’s liturgy, and the essential elements of being a knowledgeable and Spirit-filled disciple and apostle of Jesus Christ in the Heart of His Church. In a very particular way we transmit the Word of God through our parish school, St. Mary Catholic School (Pre-K—8th grade), which has the mission of providing a Catholic education to our children’s intellectual, spiritual, and physical life in all that is good, true, and beautiful.

Finally, we are richly blessed to be under the patronage of St. Mary, the Mother of God, the Mother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We implore her mighty intercession over our parish, and she assists us in bringing as many people to Her Son as possible before His Second Coming.  For this reason, devotion to our Lady, especially through praying the holy rosary, is highly encouraged.

As pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church, my desire is to give the parish a fresh forward impulse, and inaugurate a new period of evangelization, making Jesus’ command to preach the Gospel the motivation for evangelization and the apostolate, by calling attention to everyone’s need for a fresh encounter with the Gospel.  I believe this is what Jesus Christ is calling our parish to become.  The above essential elements of a parish will assist us in achieving this end. How is Jesus Christ calling you to join us and so many others in carrying out the command to preach the Gospel to all nations?

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is for anyone 7 or older seeking to be baptized and/or enter into the Catholic Church or for adult Catholics seeking completion of the Sacraments of Initiation (e.g., Confirmation or First Communion). Classes meet Sunday mornings and some Friday evenings. Classes begin the Sunday after Labor Day and continue through Pentecost Sunday. Candidates are sometimes accepted after classes begin. Volunteers needed include catechists (training required), sponsors, and hospitality ministers.

Children’s Catechumenate

If you or someone you know has a child coming into the Catholic Church who is between the ages of 7 and 14 and who has not received any or all of the three Sacraments of Initiation.

Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is ideal for people not yet ready for RCIA. It is great for anyone who is asking big questions about the meaning of life, whether God exists, the identity and importance of Jesus, or what this “Holy Spirit” is. Each evening consists of a shared meal, a talk, and then small discussion groups. The first night is a “Come and See” session, with no commitment to continue.

Saint Mary Catholic Church of Williamston, Michigan

We are a passionately Catholic, Spirit-filled, loving family whose members are sacramental, evangelical, prayerful, and merciful disciples looking to invite everyone into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

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